Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Christoper Buckley's Ill-Reasoned Endorsement of Barack Obama
It didn't take long, after the death of his father, conservative icon William F Buckley Jr., for Christopher Buckley to lose his sense of direction:
No sooner had he endorsed a Democrat, than he quit his job!
Seems the ways of the Left are quickly learned, and certainly not lost, on young Buck.
Likely, that whole wealth redistribution scheme is sounding pretty good to him right about now.
But as to that endorsement...
Well, not quite yet.
Seems of the 1400 words--purportedly written to make public his support of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama, Mr Buckley could find only about 400 to serve that end.
The first 150 or so are spent explaining why he's not important, and lamenting the possibility that he--like Kathleen Parker, who has received some hate email from right-wing "kooks,"
i.e. those who take issue with Ms Parker's criticism of Sarah Palin--might suffer a similar fate...or easily deletable cyber deluge.
Cry me a river.

The next 300 are spent opining that his father "spent his life time separating the Right from the kooks."
Christo has done more--separating himself from the Right and the kooks--in half the time.
Well done!

The next 550 are used to explain why he cannot bring himself to vote for Mr McCain. I'll save you the trouble: he believes Mr McCain has become inauthentic. You know, because he makes unrealistic promises (hmm, that doesn't remind me of every other candidate); irascible; and, he chose as his running mate someone who's more comfortable at a fish fry (or its moose equivalent) than a snooty cocktail party, where are all the punchlines are in French.

Now, to those final 400.
And, again, I'll save you the trouble:
By way of directly endorsing the candidate, Mr Buckley has exactly the following to say regarding Mr Obama: 1) he's been to Harvard, and 2) he's written a couple of books.
Take some time to catch your breath here.

He then endorses Mr Obama's "fine temperament."
If by temperament Mr Buckley means the criminal ability to utterly disassociate yourself from the truth, your past, and the present prevarications your uttering, then I'll have to agree with him, Mr Obama has a "fine temperament."

Mr Buckley really exerts no more effort than that in making the case for his man.

And then ends with the tragically whimsical musing, "He is, it seems clear enough, what the historical moment seems to be calling for."

If Barack Obama is what the historical moment is calling for, then Christopher Buckley should be standing athwart that moment and yelling, "Stop!"

Alas, he is doing the opposite

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