Saturday, October 31, 2009

Doug Hoffman Is Not A Republican. Why?

The Republican Party has a problem.
Actually, they have had this problem for quite a while.
But it could not be better exemplified than in the congressional race in New York where the conservative is, well, a Conservative, and the liberal is...a Republican.

The Republican Party establishment has supported the liberal, leaving Mr Hoffman to twist in the wind, on his own.

Mr Hoffman stands a good chance of winning the contest.

The question begged: when will Republicans learn?

Conservatives must run as conservatives, not as some hybrid vote-chaser. See under: John McCain.

Republicans must either get as serious about their conservatism as Democrats are about their socialism or they will always be a minority party.
Newt Gingrich is wrong.
The Republican Party will either win or lose based on beliefs and principles, or they will cease to matter at all.

The opposite of socialism isn't compromise, it's rebellion.

Republicans had better get serious about the defending the free market.

Republicans had better get serious about what they profess to believe in.

Because something tells me there are other Doug Hoffmans out there.

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