Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stimulus Nonsense

The socialist White House and the media-the legitimate one, that is, not Fox News-are in a bit of a battle over how many "jobs" have been "saved or created" by the "stimulus."

Here's how it works: the media that guy being paid to dig a hole, then refill it equals 1 job, saved or created.
The socialist White House says, "Yeah, but the guy digging that hole had lunch at a local restaurant and saved the waitress's job.So that's two jobs!"

The actual number is close to 0.

Here's how it actually works: the government takes money from those who could create actual jobs, those that add something of value to society, and pays that guy to dig holes and then refill them.
Nothing of value has been created.

Think of it this way: if I took 3/4 of your income and paid 3 guys to dig up your front yard, have I really created any jobs at all?

In fact, I have probably destroyed an even greater of jobs, as you no longer have that money to spend and invest and actually grow the economy.

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