Saturday, October 3, 2009

Moore Idiotic Than Most

Propagandist Michael Moore complains that "Capitalism never did anything for me."

Thus displaying in one simple sentence his complete ignorance of both Capitalism in particular and economics in general.

For it was precisely capitalism that allowed him to rise from his "working class" origins to the very pinnacle of fame.

It happened like this: here was an obscure nobody who because he lives in a country which operates under a (relatively) free economic system was able to not only pursue, but to achieve, his dream.
Michael Moore, when he started out, was not politically connected, nor did he have the advantage of a wealthy backer, and yet was able to harass a captain of industry unmolested, film it, then sell it to a free audience.
This process made him rich.

If anyone invested in Mr Moore's enterprise it was because they were free to do so and believed it would be good investment.
If anyone did not invest, it was not because they were prohibited to do so by the state.

As we see, Michael Moore is a capitalist. And a successful one at that!

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