Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beggars Banquent

Proving that poor liberals have absolutely no shame, a busload of them showed up at AIG headquarters in Wilton, CT and chanted, "Money for the needy, not for the greedy."
If rhymes were dollars, poor liberal morons would be...well, a lot like AIG employees.
But rhymes are not dollars, so these liberal morons are likely to remain poor, and resentful of those who have applied themselves and been able to achieve greater monetary success in life.
Tough luck!

These good-for-nothings also showed up at the homes of some executives and marveled at how rich people live, then begged the executives to give their hard earned money to their good-for-nothing relatives, some of whom are allegedly facing foreclosure.

Here's a clue: you and your relatives aren't facing foreclosure because of anything AIG did.
Indeed, AIG is facing bankruptcy (or, at least, should be) because you and your deadbeat relatives are facing foreclosure!

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