Monday, March 2, 2009

Of Jobs, Joe Biden, Lies, And Logic

I said earlier that I wouldn't help those on the left by explaining how Louisiana is not losing 400 jobs per day.

But after being linked as a liar over at County Fair on Media Matters for labeling Joe Biden a liar for his lying about Louisiana losing 400 jobs per day, I feel the need to set it all straight.

Firstly: County Fair agrees that Biden got it right and cites two sources to back themselves up.
One of their sources is a column at Think Progress.
Funny thing is, when you visit there, you find they have struck through their original title, "Bobby Jindal's Louisiana Losing 430 Jobs Per Day", and replaced it with, "Louisiana Had 430 New Unemployed Everyday In December".
So, in actuality, Think Progress does not agree with Joe Biden, Think Progress agrees with me.

County Fair also cites Media Nation as a source confirming that Biden was correct.
All you'll find here is a lot of tortured math, proving they know nothing more than how to get it wrong. They will discover this happens as often as the number of times you attempt to defend Joe Biden of one of his idiotic statements.

Here's how Biden lied, and how those defending him are just as stupid as he is: he based his claim entirely on the increase in the number of people being listed as Unemployed from November to December in 2008.
While this tells us that there was an increase in unemployment, it tells us little about how many "jobs were lost."

So, while it's true that about 400 people per day were added to Louisiana's unemployment roll, it is demonstrably false that Louisiana lost 430 jobs per during this same period.

How do we know this?
We simply, using the November-December 2008 figures everyone is so fond of, subtract the number of people employed(jobs) in December from the number of people employed(jobs) in November.
After all, a job has to actually exist before it can be lost. A simple fact seemingly lost on many right now. (But then, when does reality ever get in the way of a good Democratic hatchet job).

In November 2008 there were 1,941,515 people employed in Louisiana. In other words, there 1,941,515 jobs. So jobs can be "lost" from this number.
In December 2008 there were 1,939,131 people employed in Louisiana. In other words, there were 1,939,131 jobs.
So, at the end of December there were 2,384 fewer people working than at the end of November.
Hardly 13,000; hardly 400 per day.

It was intentionally dishonest, a lie, of Joe Biden to use the unemployment figures.
Any number of factors might contribute to a rise in the unemployment rate, but it is not necessary that "jobs be lost" for that to happen.
It is stupidity, or ignorance, of his defenders to continue to rely on those same figures.

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