Sunday, March 1, 2009

August Pollack - Idiot Du Jour

In a previous post, I called Joe Biden a liar, repeatedly, for stating in his typically buffoonish fashion that Louisiana was losing 400 jobs per day.

August "Master Of Simple Subtraction And Division" Pollack came to the same idiotic conclusion as his hero, the clown, Joe Biden.

Using the figures available on the website anyone not as dumb as August Pollack and Joe Biden can easily figure out that in December there were 1,939,131 people working in Louisiana. In November there were 1,941,515 people working in Louisiana.

Am I going to help numbnut August Pollack figure this out? No, I'm not.
Why? Because I'm mean. Because playing nice with morons on the left has never gained conservatives and libertarians anything.

I'm only to happy to allow these imbeciles to continue to wallow in their ignorance.

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