Friday, March 6, 2009

Kill The Messenger

We discover that in Barack Obama's White House there is a sinister little plot afoot.
And is is a sinister little plot, but it may tell us much about the man ultimately behind it.

Concocted by beady-eyed Clinton mouth-breather James Carville(Hey, why wasn't he one those 430 per day who were losing jobs in Louisiana!) and his cohort Stanley Greenberg, probably a knuckle-dragger, through their Democratic polling company, Democracy Corps(Love the militant connotation!), and tacitly approved by White House muckety-mucks Axelrod, Pfeiffer, Gibbs and Rahm "The Ballerina" Emanuel, the plan was to, after learning that radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh wasn't that popular with certain segments of the American public, establish him as leader of both the Republican party and the Conservative movement, then knock him down, thus also tumbling the dominoes of the party and the movement.

The question immediately begged: Why?

Certainly not because Limbaugh holds any real sway over elected officials on the right or their policies. If he did, we wouldn't have endured a big spending George W Bush, nor his would-be successor, John McCain.

Certainly not because Republicans pose any serious threat to the present Democratic reign.
Obama was elected convincingly. And Democrats control both houses of Congress.

Certainly not because Republicans need any assistance when it comes to being shot down. I mean, these people tiptoe down the halls of Congress shoeless should the emergency need arise to shoot themselves in the foot.

Certainly not because the Socialist-Democratic agenda is not being enacted. It is. And at rapid speed.

So, why?

Why the need to demonize the opposition when you've only just given them a royal thrashing at the polls?

Why this effort to squelch the opposition when everything is going your way?

Why attack a private citizen?

This smacks more of a campaign tactic than it does of an element of governance.

But why continue the campaign when the battle's been one?


Because that is the Democrat mentality.
Attack, attack, attack.

Republicans and Conservatives could take a lesson from Blackbeard: No quarter will be given, and none taken!

Parenthetically, what elected Republicans should find most worrisome is the fact that none of them were targeted.
That, actually, should concern all of us in the opposition.

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