Friday, December 19, 2008

Comparing Kathleen Parker To A Zebra. And By Zebra I Mean Idiot

If Kathleen Parker gets any more dumb, she'll be qualified to write Marie Cocco's column.

It seems Ms Parker cannot pen a column lately without either flippantly disparaging Social Conservatives or explaining to the rest of us -for the umpteenth time!- that Sarah Palin is an idiot.

In her latest bout with inanity, she attempts a contrast & comparison of Ms Palin and Caroline Kennedy...but not really.
For, quite predictably by now, her unstated purpose is to explain to the rest of us -for the umpteenth time!- that Sarah Palin is an idiot.

To abuse Frau Parker's own words, this is a bit of the apple calling the zebra an orange.
(I have no idea what that means, but I think it sounds like a really witty insult).
Because, quite predictably by now, it is Herr Parker who is the idiot.

And, quite predictably by now, she gets everything wrong.

And this time she gets it wrong on important stuff, like the Constitution.

She says "No" might be a "reasonable response" as to whether Caroline Kennedy is "qualified" for the Senate.
Well, it might be a "reasonable response," but only for those inclined to see the Constitution and "opinion" as essentially the same.
Kennedy, regrettably, meets all the Constitutional requirements for serving in the Senate.

Ms Parker then tells us that the vapid Kennedy kid is "relatively erudite," because she's authored a couple of books.
Erudite? Really? Even, relatively?
Yeah, okay. Listen, when she can explain the properties of the flux capacitor to me, I'll be willing to slap the "erudite" label on her prominent forehead.
Until then, I'll assume she's about as bright as Princess Di was.

And because she's authored a couple of books?
Isn't this the same rationalization Christopher Buckley offered for his Obama treason?
What is it with these Conservative Elites and their obsession with politicians who author books?
And let's dispense with the pretentiousness of using the word "author" when "write" will suffice.
Polysyllabic words only impress me when I have to look them up in my word book(dictionary).

Now, onto the obligatory attack on Palin.

Apparently, Ms Parker believes it's okay for Ms Kennedy to be a Senator, but not for Ms Palin to be Vice-President because Ms Palin would have been "a heartbeat away from the Button" and a "nuclear-enabled leader of the free world."

Oh, come on.
Does anyone really buy this as a legitimate, adult argument?
This is childish nonsense. And Ms Parker excels at it.

But, I guess she feels safer with that nutcase Joe Biden being only "a heartbeat away from the button."

Here's hoping Ms Parker spends the rest of her life in her bomb shelter!

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