Sunday, December 21, 2008

Defending Sarah Palin

For the record, I was not then, nor am I now, a big fan of Ms Palin.
Nor was I big fan of John McCain.
To my political tastes, they simply weren't sufficiently conservative or libertarian.

But that is quite a different complaint from the one proffered most by the Conservative Elite, namely, Kathleen Parker, the blonde chick, and Christian hater. (I hope I'm not overstating her positions).

No, the underlying problem Ms Parker and her ilk have with Ms Palin is that she is an idiot, unable to form and convey a cogent thought.

I would advise Ms Parker to read some of her own columns.
It is nigh impossible to follow her train of thought. She meanders, before taking a switchback, before taking an abrupt turn, before finally arriving at a stupid conclusion.

As evidence of Ms Palin's idiocy, Ms Parker laments that Ms Palin told a child that, as Vice President, she would be in charge of the Senate.
As if the sin of getting it partially wrong is magnified if you tell it to a child.

Ms Parker seems to conveniently forget that Joe Biden couldn't find his own job duties in the Constitution.

Nor did the serious, erudite life-long genius know that FDR wasn't the president in 1929, and did not appear on television -which had not yet been invented- to solve the Great Depression, which he never got around to actually doing.

And Sarah Palin is the idiot?

If Kathleen Parker expects to be taken seriously, she'll have to be more...well, serious, in the future.

But let's assume Ms Parker is right, that Sarah Palin is a complete and utter dunce.

Should we prefer Barack Obama's opaque brand of socialism simply because he doesn't drop his g's and sounds really eloquent when he lays out his plans for wealth redistribution?

Should we prefer Barack Obama's aggressive diplomacy even as our enemies have stressed in no uncertain terms that the only negotiable point is not if we die, but how quickly we get about it?

I'll take Ms Palin's instincts over Mr Obama's learned Collectivism any day.

And let's not forget, it was precisely because of a bunch of over-educated eggheads that we find
ourselves in the position we are today.

Any true small-government conservative would agree with me, and not with Kathleen Parker, nor anyone of her ilk.

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