Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How NOT To Make A Sandwich

You would think a company whose job it is to make sandwiches would be able to...well, make sandwiches.
But you'd be wrong.

I complain of Subway.

Now, it's not like they never knew how to make a sandwich.
Years ago they got it right.

They took the breadloaf, cut a wedge from the middle, laid in the meat, then everything else on top of the meat.

That's how you make a sandwich.

Well, not anymore.

Now, they cut the bread loaf in half lengthwise, lay it open, place the meat on what is the top bun, then lay in everything else.

So, the sandwich is upside down!

As my friend so correctly put it, "The meat is foundation of the sandwich."

It most certainly is.

Which is why I get my subs from Jersey Mikes.

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