Friday, February 27, 2009

Defending Bobby Jindal

I like Bobby Jindal...and I vote!

I like his story, I like his politics.

What I don't like is the Conservative Elite passing judgment on him.

He's taken a principled stand in refusing to take the Stimulus money that's presently being stolen from American taxpayers.
He should be lauded, used as an example of how Republicans should be acting.

I would prefer that the Conservative Chattering Class keep their collective mouth shut when it comes to criticizing those whom the rank and file of the party prefer!

So, to the Chattering Class I say, You can follow Christopher Buckley into obscurity,for all I care.

Here's something the Chattering Class should consider: All of us out here can and do think for ourselves. We listen. And we make decisions

And we have decided that we like the Bobby Jindals of the Republican Party.

So, shut up and listen.

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