Saturday, June 13, 2009


That's the present unemployment rate.
It's taken quite a while to get there.

By now, the economic recovery should be underway.

Malinvested monies should be flowing to more productive enterprises.
Unemployment should be decreasing.

But this is not what is, or will, happen.

Not now that the government has appropriated taxpayer dollars for it's centrally planned projects, and/or commited it to dying enterprises.

Wealth will not only not be created, but what wealth there is will be destroyed.

Enterprises will not be started because capital belongs to the government and its bad ideas, not entrpenuers and their good ideas

A policy of keeping interest rates artifiically low and spend, spend, spend means there will be no saving and no investing.

Nationalizing/Socializng the largest sectors of the economy will mean fewer choices and higher prices.

Borrowing and printing money like there's no tomorrow will lead to inflation, maybe even hyperinflation.

We literally cannot afford the choices that have been made by the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress.

Things are going to get a whole lot worse.
And it won't be the fault of the free market.
It will be the fault of our Socialist leaders.

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