Sunday, June 14, 2009

Agressive Diplomacy & Dreamy Rhetoric

Throughout the last presidential campaign, Barack Obama said he would engage in aggressive diplomacy with Iran and North Korea.

After being elected, he said he dreamed of a nuclear free world, and claimed he wasn't being naive.

Iran recently announced that it would take them only 11 days to wipe Israel off the map, and continue their nuclear development as if Mr Obama hadn't uttered a word on the subject.

North Korea says it will weaponize its uranium and threatened nuclear war.

First of all, haven't these two countries gotten the memo that cowboy George Bush is no longer running things?

So, why are they acting so belligerent with Obama in the White House.

Because they smell fear. This administration wreaks of it.
They have ambitions. They have goals. They have an agenda.

For Mr Obama, it's as if the history of the world can teach him nothing at all.

Or, he simply doesn't care about Israel and South Korea and Japan.
He has a different world view.
A dangerous one.
One that is destined to fail.
One that will greatly weaken America.

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