Saturday, January 24, 2009

And So It Begins

The Kanamit speaks.
Get ready to be gobbled up.

The Kanamit has been a busy alien in his first week ruling planet Earth.

He told a reporter to shut his stinkin' mouth for having the audacity to actually...act like a reporter.
His sin?
Asking the Kanamit a question.
Bet he doesn't make that mistake again!

Then it was off to Congress for the Kanamit, where he told sucker Republicans to shut their stinkin' mouths over their stimulus ideas.
"I won," he explained.

But it wasn't like the Kanamit didn't have some friendly advice for the sucker Republicans.
He told them to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh.
Can't wait till that prime directive gets codified!

The Kanamit had already announced the closing of Gitmo, and ended a ban on supplying money to international abortion groups.

Seem like a lot?
Don't worry, the Kanamit is tireless.

The question: Where are the idiot conservatives who were confused as to how the Kanamit would govern?

Or maybe I'm just missing the bi-partisanship and pragmatism in all this.

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