Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kathleen Parker: Even Dumber In 2009

Well, it's obvious that Kathleen Parker didn't ask Santa for a brain for Christmas, because she's back and dumber than ever...if that's is.

Feeling it's no longer sufficient merely to be an idiot who writes idiotic things, Ms Parker has now taken it upon herself to start promoting and defending other idiots who write idiotic things.
It's a niche job, I guess.

Seems she's read a book and wants to tell us all about it.
Said book, The Tyranny Of Dead Ideas, was written by some small time communist by the name of Matt Miller.
Hence the cute title of her piece, Is It Miller Time?
Get it?
Yeah, me too.

Anyway, Ms Parker thinks Mr Miller is an original thinker and a pretty smart guy who has some interesting ideas.
She thinks he's gonna make the rest of us think.
He isn't.

So, who is he?
Well, according to Ms Parker, Mr Miller is a "Democrat and former economic aide in the Office of Management and Budget under Bill Clinton."
Oh, Lord! (How's that for and oogedy-boogedy moment?)

Ms Parker says Mr Miller gives her a headache.
Yeah, I know the feeling.

But let's get to the meat of this nonsense, already.

Ms Parker gets us started by posing as someone who is actually smart when she proposes a "paradoxical thought": We have to increase taxes and federal programs to save the capitalist system."

It's hard to believe that Ms Parker really believes this is really an original thought of Mr Miller's.
It's just the same old socialism.
When you replace freedom with government control, that's socialism.
She didn't know this before reading Mr Miller's book?
I'd be embarrassed for her if I didn't detest her so much.

But she can't blame the following statement on Mr Miller, it's her very own stupidity, "The world has changed in significant ways and our old formulas simply no longer work. We once thought, for instance, that financial markets can regulate themselves. Whup. The disasters of 2008 proved that assumption false. If only we had noticed it sooner. Did dead ideas block our vision?"

This may be the dumbest thing I read all year. But there's always the possibility that George W Bush will again try to explain why he burned the free market village in order to save it.

To set her straight: the disasters of 2008 weren't caused by unregulated financial markets. They were caused by Alan Greenspan of the Federal Reserve, by the Community Reinvestment Act, by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and by a stupid, negligent Congress.

She also agrees with Mr Miller that free trade hurts some Americans, and that the poor can't be educated without financing from the federal government.
Free trade enriches everybody...everybody!
And for the record, I didn't know children were educated with money; I thought it was done with books and teachers. How much can that cost?!

Ms Parker ends this bout of idiocy with one last bit of idiocy when she states, "deregulation of our financial system literally has broken the bank."
What deregulation?
She doesn't say.
They never do.

Most idiotic of all: Ms Parker thinks Mr Miller's book may get traction in the near future.
It's almost as if this is her first encounter with a socialist thought.
It's just the same old, some old.
Nothing new to see here. Unless you're Kathleen Parker. Or an idiot. And if you're Kathleen Parker, there is no distinction between the two.

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