Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is Barack Obama Vested In Failure?

Let's entertain some right-wing paranoia, shall we?

This requires a mere 3 assumptions:
1. Barack Obama is a socialist. (He is.)
2. Most Americans are ignorant when it comes to the subject of economics. (They are.)
3. FDR's policies deepened and prolonged the Great Depression. (They did.)

Now, because FDR was a master salesman (of himself), he was able to implement socialist policy after communist policy, all the while convincing Americans that what he was doing was relieving the situation and not exacerbating it.

This made him him so wildly popular that a myth of him as savior grew up around him, and, in some quarters, persists to this day.

Barack Obama(perhaps a better salesman of himself than FDR), being the intelligent guy that he is, surely knows all this.

Which is why he chosen to imitate FDR.

I now return you to the hero worship.

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