Friday, January 23, 2009

To Serve Man

The Kanamit has arrived.

And this time it has a name...Barack Obama.

Who are the Kanamits?
Remember that Twilight Zone episode, To Serve Man?
Oh, it was a classic.
(And so, by the way, was the Simpons' spoof of it.)

Well, the Kanamits were these tall, big-headed aliens.
Yeah, just like Barack Obama.

They landed in New Jersey, and somehow made their way to the United Nations.
They assured those assembled "Our intentions are honorable. We desire above all things to help the people of Earth.
"It has come to our attention that Earth has been plagued by both natural and unnatural catastrophes, all of which could easily be acted upon and prevented. We are here to help you.
We will not force anything upon you.
"There is nothing ulterior to our motives. Nothing at all.
"We ask only that you trust us. Only that us!"

But the Kanamit had unknowingly dropped a book, and the earthlings worked diligently to decipher it.
Finally, they had the title, "To Serve Man."

Their fears abated.

Soon they were lining up to accompany the Kanamits back to their planet.

And too late, after more deciphering, it was discovered that the book was a...cookbook!

This is how the socialists will gobble up the free-marketers.

Just like Rod Serling said it would happen!

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