Sunday, January 11, 2009

Consumption-Sumption, What's Your Function?

Unsurprisingly, Barack Obama has announced, savior & genius that he is, that America will....wait for it...spend its way back to prosperity!


That's right, spend its way back to prosperity, but with a twist.

You and I won't have to actually do the heavy lifting of actually buying things and paying for stuff.
Thank goodness!
No, the government will do it for us.
More wisely, more efficiently.

First, let's forget that there is no financial crisis:
Outstanding commercial credit continues to grow.
Unemployment is at 7.2%. Given that 5% of the population always refuses to work because they're a bunch of shiftless leeches on society, we can easily deduce that the real unemployment figure is 2.2%. Here's how we account for that increase: A lot of unworthy borrowers were given money by profligate banks to buy houses they had no intention of ever paying for. So, when they didn't pay for these houses, investment banks went belly up, and housing construction slowed. People were thrown out of work. Additionally, people who bought way too much stuff on credit, finally, wisely, decided to cut back on there retail spending. Throwing a few more people out of work. And lastly, people stopped buying a new car, that they couldn't afford every six months, throwing a few more people out of work.
Big deal.
Given time, this situation would self-correct, as the people, in their collective wisdom, have decided that the present best course of action is to hold off on spending so much.

Barack Obama, like all liberals, Democrats, socialists and communists, believes that he is smarter than the "collective wisdom."

So, because we refuse to spend, he is going to take, or borrow, a bunch of money and spend it for us.

Probably on stuff we never would have bought.

And we'll all be better off for it.

Like hell.

We tried this once before and we didn't get prosperity; We go the Great Depression.

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