Saturday, January 17, 2009

How Will Obama Govern?

There seems to be some doubt as to how Barack Obama will govern this great country once he takes the oath of office.

Some say he's a blank slate, so there's no way to know for sure given his thin resume.

Some says he's likely to be a pragmatist, governing from the left, right and center.

Then he takes George Will, David Brooks and Bill Kristol on a date, and his purpose causes more confusion.

So, allow me to set you straight.

Barack Obama will govern from the left.
Because he's a leftist.

More than that, he's a Kook-Aid drinking true himself.
And he's a socialist.
A real socialist. The kind who believes in socialism.

To put it so even the stupid can understand it: Barack Obama will do the opposite of what those on the right would do...on every issue, social and fiscal.

Free people and free markets create wealth and prosperity and the atmosphere most conducive for prosperity to be perpetuated.

Barack Obama does not believe in free people and free markets.

We will be worse off 4 years from now, because we will be changed.

I am not, nor will I be, fooled.
Not now, not at any point along the way.

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