Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Big Fat Liberal Hypocrites

One day, earlier this year, my wife and I took our children to the green (the green would be the town green, a grassy area in middle of town, and quintessentially New England) so they could run and jump and play.
We were trying to be quintessential.

Anyway, we met another couple there who had brought their daughter there to play also.
So, naturally, we struck up a conversation, or conversations, as I spoke with the husband and my wife spoke with the wife. I don't remember their names, but let's call them Ben & Susie.

So, as I said I talked to Ben. We talked about his dog, Star; how they had recently relocated from Florida, bought a house in town, and renovated it. Just idle chit chat.

I didn't overhear what my wife and Susie were talking about, so my wife related the conversation to me as we walked home.

Of course, my wife had asked Susie where their daughter was attending daycare.
Susie replied that the little girl was attending a daycare in New Haven. Not because both parents worked in New Haven (they did), but because our town, now their town too, was too "homogeneous." Read: white. Star is the only non-white in their family.

Of course, my wife asked Susie where their daughter would attend school. Susie said the girl would be attending a local private school, which Susie really hated to do because she was "such an advocate for public schools."

We have never seen Ben & Susie again, but I will never forget them.

It's funny, in a way that makes me really angry, how these supposedly really serious liberals almost invariably do the opposite of what they preach is best for those who lack the resources they have.

I hope Star finds a good home.

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