Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mr Buckley Will Have Cheese With His Whine

Making Fun Of Christopher Buckley: Part II

CB: My last posting in which I endorsed Obama, has brought about a very heaping helping of fresh hell.
--This “hell” has been served up by the Right, of course. The Godless Left could not care less.
Well, honestly, what did you expect?

CB: The only thing the Right can’t quite decide is whether I should be boiled in oil or simply put up against a wall and shot.
--Oh, I bet they could decide if it were put to a vote.

CB: I had gone out of my way in my endorsement to say that I was not doing it in the pages of National Review because of the experience of my colleague, Kathleen Parker. Kathleen had written that Sarah Palin was an embarrassment which brought 12,000 livid emails, among them one suggesting that Kathleen’s mother ought to have aborted her and tossed the fetus into a dumpster.
--Yeah, we know; this is second time you've mentioned it. You really need to man-up.
Though, I’ve always suspected that your constitution is as delicate as your hair.

CB: Within hours of my endorsement it becamee clear that National Review had a serious problem.
--Yeah, you.

CB: I thought the only decent thing to do would be to offer my resignation. This offer was accepted-rather briskly!
--This is a Laugh Out Loud moment…for me.
So much for decency, huh, Chris.

CB: But I will admit to a certain sadness that an act of publishing a reasoned argument for the opposition should result in acrimony and disavowal.
--Read your endorsement again, then read it again.
At its best, it is ILL-reasoned, and a rather weak argument.

CB: My father endorsed Allard K Lowenstein.
CB: Joe Lieberman.
CB: One of his closest friends in the world was John Kenneth Galbraith.
CB: Said it was time America had a black president.
--So what.
Accepting all of the above, nothing short of a DNA test is going to convince me that you are your father’s son.

CB: He came out for the legalization of drugs, hardly a conservative position.
--Hardly a liberal position, either. But certainly a Libertarian one.

CB: The GOP likes to say it is a big tent. Looks more like a yurt to me.

CB: So, I have been effectively fatwahed.
--Maybe now you can swap stories with Salman Rushdie, a real writer.

CB: I no longer have any clear idea what the modern conservative movement stands for.
--Don’t worry. After four years of Obama, you’ll have an excellent idea what the modern liberal movement stands for.

CB: So, to paraphrase a real conservative, Ronald Reagan…
--I accept this as your confession to not being a real conservative.

Hope & Change

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