Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sarah Palin Attends Ritual Slaying Of Birds

I guess there's a furor over a video circulating of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin being interviewed while, in the background, turkeys are being slaughtered for that grand American tradition of Thanksgiving.
I don't have time to investigate the story -no, that's not true, I have plenty of time; it's the inclination I don't have- so I'll just assume a couple of facts, then make some sweeping generalizations based on those assumptions.

I've seen the video, and my first thought was, Don't overcook your bird.
There's nothing worse than 20 people -some who have traveled thousands of miles- sitting around a table eating a dried out turkey. So, baste, baste, baste!

My second thought was, I love deviled eggs!

But, I digress.

First of all, the video isn't really funny,
Which is not to say that it didn't have some comic potential.
I would have had the Governor conduct the interview while she was slaughtering and dressing the birds. Just nonchalantly discussing policy as feathers fly.

Nor is anything infuriating about the video.
Without consulting a dictionary, I'm assuming that furor and infuriating are related.

I'm also assuming that those upset by the video are PETA types, Christopher Buckley, and Kathleen Parker.
I'm not sure what Mr Buckley and Ms Parker will be eating this Thursday, but I am certain that they'd love to see Mrs Palin's goose cooked!

Oh, well.
Let 'em eat cake!

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