Monday, November 24, 2008

France Capitulates...Yet Again

It doesn't take much to spook the French.

I'm pretty sure that if I met France in dark alley, I could make it give me its wallet.

So, it comes as no surprise that they have resumed their national tradition of pre-emptive capitulation.

And, I guess, when your resume consists entirely of a chronological list of those to whom you've given up, well, it doesn't really bolster your case for a profile in courage when you say, as French president, Nicholas Sarkozy did, "Deployment of a missile defense system would bring nothing to security in Europe."
Especially when you say this right after Russian bully Medvedev has just announced that he intends to install missiles really, super-duper to close to European Union borders.

What's really funny is that it's the Polish who should be surrendering.
And they would...but they're not French.

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