Monday, November 10, 2008

Mr Buckley's Public Valentine To Sarah Palin

Making Fun Of Christopher Buckley: Part V

Mr Buckley Is Obsessed

Never has a man been so obsessed with a woman without there eventually being a restraining order involved.

CB: As I type, a boatload of Bigfoot conservatives are aboard a cruise ship…
--Oh, c’mon, Chris. It could not have a come as a surprise that you weren’t invited to the National Review cruise.

CB: GOP pin-up girl Sarah Palin.
--Indeed! And the Democrats’ pin-up girl? Nancy Pelosi. Yes, cringe-worthy.

CB: I’ll stipulate that that’s condescending…
--No stipulation is necessary.

CB: Nexis and Google have failed to unearth evidence of any previous candidate for the US vice presidency being called by their own campaign, no less, a whack job.
--Which speaks more to Mr McCain’s campaign than it does to Ms Palin. Hey, you’re the one who had dinner with the guy.

CB: Gov. Palin…prepositionally challenged…
--Now, Chris, if you’re going to call it satire, you really should reach higher than this. You’re dangerously close to becoming Bill Maher.

CB: To quote the incomparable Christopher Hitchens.
--Oh, I can compare him to something!

CB: It would be pointless, to say nothing of downright idiotic…
--But you’re doing so well!

CB: Mike Huckabee, I believe Mr Hitchens dismissed him as a clown.
--Chris, please, give us an original thought. Or, at least link us to Mr Hitchens.

CB: In the special election to fill his Senate seat, Gov. Palin would be the likely winner…greatly enlivening things for those of us who make our living amidst the dark Satanic Beltway mills.
--The moment at which Christopher Buckley becomes a stalker.

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