Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mr Buckley Is Bitter

Making Fun Of Christopher Buckley: Part III

CB: Rush Limbaugh proudly showed off his $450,000 Maybach car.
--Is there a chance it could have been a $450,000 Maybach anything else?

CB: I declined, partly on the grounds that Mother Church-
--Whoa! Hold everything! They haven’t excommunicated you yet?

CB: My father’s corpse was still warm.
--What, were you keeping him under one those fast food heat lamps?

CB: I have to date not tasted moose meat and hope never to, unless it is served to me at La Grenouille, by Charles Masson, personally and under glass.
--Can’t get a table at Per Se, huh?

CB: I received a pink slip from NR.
--You did not receive a pink slip from NR. You tenured your resignation, and it was accepted. Stop playing the Democrat, er, I mean victim.

CB: Obama…thinks clearly.
--Prove it.

CB: I like this seriatim thing.
--Me too!

CB: Saturday’s New York Times notes that “Mrs. Palin’s [religious] faith has come under scrutiny after two videos taken in her former church surfaced on YouTube and became immediate sensations. The first showed a visiting preacher from Kenya praying fervently over Ms. Palin in a gravelly voice and asking God to favor her campaign for governor and protect her from ‘every form of witchcraft.’”
--Um, yeah, great non sequitor. But I’ll play along.
Would you have preferred Jeremiah Wright?
Did the NY Times also write that Obama’s Kenyan village has set aside a sacrificial bull in the event of his victory? Or that "believers across Kenya are praying for Barack Obama—literally? They’re making sacrificial offerings to help ensure his victory." Or that "one preacher says his church is engaged in “spiritual warfare” to ensure Obama is victorious?" Or that "Ngebe, the preacher, said a prayer in the village before Obama spoke there and laid hands upon the senator, who he believes is anointed by God for electoral victory?"
No, I didn’t think so.

CB: Legerdemain (a French-English word meaning “horseshit.” )
--FINALLY! You’ve written something funny.

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