Monday, November 3, 2008

The Case Against Barack Obama

He has not been forthcoming.
I know, not unusual for a politician; but Mr Obama has not been forthcoming about some particularly nasty characters:

1)The reverend Jeremiah Wright, an anti-American, and a race-baiter.

2) William Ayers, an unrepentant domestic terrorist, and anti-American.

3) Bernardine Dohrn, see 2) above.

4) Rashid Khalidi, an anti-Semite.

5) ACORN, election fraud experts.

Mr Obama has much too little to say about his relationships with those listed above.

His lack of -at the very least-associations with centrists.
Doesn't he know anybody, just by accident, who's not a radical leftist?

He's yet to release, or allow the release, of his college grades and/or transcripts.
Why the secretiveness?

I won't even mention the whole wealth redistribution thing.
(Remind me not to do that).

He wishes to raise taxes and impose protective tariffs: a recipe for a deep recession, or worse.

He thought Iran was a tiny country.
Which, pretty much, makes him at least as dumb as Sarah Palin.

He says creepy things:
"I feel we have a righteous wind at our backs."
Mao: The righteous wind of socialism is on the rise.

"When did they decide to make a virtue out of selfishness?" In reference to McCain & Palin objecting to his tax increases.
Ayn Rand title, The Virtue Of Selfishness.

Coincidences? Maybe. But, maybe not.

Anyway, he won't be getting my vote.
Unless, of course, ACORN has me registered in Ohio, where I've already voted!

Hope & Change

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