Thursday, February 26, 2009

Joe The Liar

Vice-Liar Joe Biden, seeking to cast Republican Governor Bobby Jindal in a bad light because the principled governor won't be taking Stealulus money, claimed that Louisiana is losing 400 jobs per day.

The facts, of course, contradict this lie.

Go to for the truth.

So, what I'm saying is: Joe Biden is a liar.

Just so we're clear on this: I'm calling Joe Biden a liar.

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August J. Pollak said...

Go to for the truth

Sure thing. From

"The number of unemployed in Louisiana in December 2008 increased to 121,949 from 108,553 in November.

121,949 - 108,553 = 13,396
13,396 / 31 = 432.13

Louisianans lost an average of 432 jobs a day in December 2008. According to the site you just told me to visit.

You were saying?