Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kevin Rudd Is A Dangerous Idiot

More likely, he's simply a liar.

He joins a growing list of socialist who claim in utter ignorance that the present financial crisis exposes the free market system as nothing more than personal greed, and that what's needed to save us all is "social capitalism."

He then goes on to claim that "FDR saved capitalism."
Since when does causing the Great Depression qualify as "saving Capitalism"!?

And urges "unambiguous regulation by an activist state."

As we all know, not only was our present situation NOT caused by the free market, it WAS CAUSED by the interventionist policies of the state.

Mr Rudd is not smarter than the free market.
But, like all socialists, including the Kanamit, he claims that knowledge.

It is impossible for one man, or any cadre of men, to perform as the free market performs.
These smart men know this.
Therefore, we are right to assume, to assert, that saving capitalism is not the real agenda; ending free market capitalism is the real aim of these liars.

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