Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Propaganda Doctrine

Democrats and Liberals have tried and failed miserably in one free-market area: talk radio.
Conservatives, led by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity rule the AM airwaves.
Almost nowhere will you hear the shrill irrational voices of the Left.
Their message of socialism simply does not resonate with an audience not compelled by law to hear it.

The free-market has spoken, and, in this case, it said, "The Right wins."

The free-market doesn't have an agenda, it seeks no ends.
It simply processes the information it is fed and provides the result.

Socialism, on the other(left) hand does have an agenda.

So, what to do about talk radio?

Simple, implement by edict from the State that the airwaves are not free, and require radio stations to program from the (money losing) Left.

Otherwise, there is no one to hear the propaganda, no one to brainwash, no one to be made to believe that the State can do what free individuals cannot.

As Harry Dean Stanton, in the re-education camp scene in Red Dawn, implored his sons, "Avenge me!"

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